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Posted:05:02 a.
sex me up


Posted:07:46 a.
my poetry
it roxors k
sex me up


Posted:01:20 p.
i had a horrible dream i was related to cubey!

i come outta room and notice this computer and desk was moved downstairs..and i look on the screen and all her shit was signed in so i sign into my stuff and she comes downstairs being all nice to me n stuff and im just like completely annoyed. then i have this hoes aiming me acting like they know me shit cuz there was pics of me naked on the net(days of our lives). and it was like retarded. she was just sitting there watching and then her dad comes dad and is talking to my dad. and i woke up and decided ok thats enough sleeping today. 13 hours yeah thats enough
sex me up


Posted:06:02 a.
wtf are u guys callin my house at 6am?!?!?
wakin my whole fucken family up
i said not to call
i dont know how i can make myself more clearer then that
but now i have my mother giving my shit
im lucky my dad isnt home
and ur sorry wont do it
nope nope
im mad
so sucks 2 b u

Posted:05:42 a.
yes i was on 3 way with matt brooke n chris but then my phone died
sorry guys
im goin 2 bed anyways
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Posted:05:18 a.
brooke masterbates with the shower head!
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Posted:05:10 a.
bexilicious X: sweet dreams
bexilicious X: dream of me n liz
x ru x sh x: fuck masutbatteinv
bexilicious X: in a 3 some
x ru x sh x: omg i will
x ru x sh x: we can have like sec
x ru x sh x: x
x ru x sh x: with matt
x ru x sh x: matt wants to have sex
bexilicious X: omg yes with matt
x ru x sh x: with us
bexilicious X: omg yes
x ru x sh x: we will make him beg 4 more k
sex me up

Posted:04:59 a.
Mood: giddy.
i am so big pimpin once again
its with some dude across the street
go me
he wants me to join him in a bubble bath
im like ok
i dont really know though cuz i havent met him yet yeah but u know how i am eeeehehehehe
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Posted:12:29 a.
yeah ok im back so sue me
whatever happends...happends i guess
i am sick of being nice to people who dont deserv it
blah blah...

hey liz touches herself
bexilicious X: i know ur touching urself
lizzabeth1986: because my gay dog is bitinh my other one
lizzabeth1986: no
lizzabeth1986: i jave no rime for that

she has no time? meaning...she does it other times?
lol got u liz
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Posted:06:34 a.
Mood: sad.
i cant be on the comp right now becuz of stuff
liz u know
brooke u know
its enough right now
so i'll be back in a lil while
a week or two
<3 u
miss u guys
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